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A Boy Band From Southern Korea.Made their particular debut on September 4, 2008Their Label is especially JYP entertainment.They are made up of 11 people, nonetheless they are split into 2 subgroups.2PM is among the sub groups; comprised of 7 members.They are far more of a-dance team than their particular spouse, 2AM.-------------------------------------------------------------------Park, Jaebeom - commander, vocalist,lead dancer, rapperApril 25, 1987(Born In Seattle, Washington)Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul - VocalistJune 24, 1988(created In Rancho Cucamonga, California)(was raised in Thailand& California.)(Studied in New Zealand)Ok Taecyeon - principal Rapper, VocalistDecember 27, 1988(created in Seoul, Southern Korean, immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts as a young child)(Auditioned in New York for JYP)Kim Junsu - Lead vocalistJanuary 15, 1988(Daegu, Korea)Jang Wooyoung - Main vocalistApril 30, 1989(Busan, Korea)Lee Junho - principal Vocalist,dancerJanuary 25, 1990Hwang Chansung - Vocalist, rapperFebruary 11, 1990 The greatest Time of the Day! The first k-pop group previously to backstab their particular leader and diss their followers, leading to a massive wave of these personal information held by stalker fans to the public.After their leader Park Jaebum left because he said Korea was gay on his myspace as a teen, his fans moved crazy and protested and vandalized buildings with post-its over rumors he had been obligated to leave because of the business.This generated a company-2PM-fan conference in the long run of February, which ended with disastrous results as evidently the team and business understands shit about PR. So virtually you will find several thousand pissed-off fans that turned into anti-fans and they are spreading rumors or whatever in regards to the 2PM guys private everyday lives.So yeah everythings looking shitty on it today, but before all of this, they certainly were THE BEASTIEST guys ON EARTH and began a whole new wave and category of k-pop idol groups.Too bad. A lot of ineffective organisms.