What does 25 mean?

25 meaning in General Dictionary

another than twenty-four denoting a quantity comprising twenty-five products or devices representing the number 25 as Arabic numerals

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  • becoming five above twenty
  • the cardinal number this is the sum of twenty-four and something

Sentence Examples with the word 25

The fresher enclosed seas include the Malay and the East Asiatic fringing seas with 30 to 34.5 per mille, the Gulf of St Lawrence with 30 to 31, the North Sea with 35 north of the Dogger Bank diminishing to 32 further south, and the Baltic, which freshens rapidly from between 25 to 31 in the Skagerrak to 7 or 8 eastward of Bornholm and to practically fresh water at the heads of the Gulfs of Bothnia and Finland.

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