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a crew of straightedge buddies who stick-up on their own and their friends. x is the 24th page for the alphabet-->x24x=xxxno medications, no consuming, no cigarette smoking, poison no-cost.*Being clean doesn't necessarily make you much better than everyone but if you're sloppy wasted and acquire your butt handed for your requirements maybe you should reconsider some choices.*the get a poor rap from people who do not know them but on a complete they truly are great butt dudes.If you hit one of them or among their friends they're going to probably hit you straight back, just like you would so end whining since they are larger than you. If you do not like being in a dangerous destination perhaps you should stay regarding hardcore shows and go view Justin Beiber.Its a family and families be aware of their very own. 24 is an Arizona straight-edge crew who is infamous for dance at shows. They end up to-be xtuffx because they can break little scene Scottsdale kids in two due to their windmills. They'll use up the entire pits and beat young ones up simply because they accidently struck them. They're straight edge supremacists and overreact if any person makes the choice to smoke cigarettes or drink. Hardcore Mike may be the president. They've been notorious for using baseball short pants and jerseys with 24 on it. They've been a dying breed. The 24 Crew is A "staff" of assholes who check-out hardcore shows and beat children up.a lot of them have huge gages within their ears and use baseball style tops with 24 on back.whenever Moshing if just a little scene child strikes them they overcome them up.Very straightedge, and will beat up folks cigarette smoking.