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A well designed toyota motor, produced to change the M-series of motors. It's a 2.5 liter inline six which creates about 280HP. the 1jz was for sale in naturally aspirated, double turbo, and single turbo. In double kind it used two ct12a turbos, and later in solitary type it utilized the redesigned ct26 that has been located on the 7m-gte formerly.The cylinder head was outsourced to yamaha for further developement. This measure ensured that the 1jz would move the sort of atmosphere had a need to make 280HP. Some speculate the 1jz cylinder head in fact outflows the 2jz.In 1989 the supra experienced a few changes, front end changed, tail lights, therefore the cross-member changed to allow for the inclusion of 1jz into the motor bay.Many MKIII supra owners find swapping on the market 7m for 1jz'sto be a rewarding swap because of the instant big HP gainsOne thing to keep in mind is the fact that Pre 89 supra owners have a challenging time installing the 1jz due to the diffrent cross-member so to say the annoyance randy from www.bicperformance.com has created pre 89 engine supports for 1jz so you will not want to alter mix memebers. i myself have used these in my own swap and they worked wonderful.U.S design supras never recieved the 1jz.special models in japan performed though,the toyta soarer recieved it and some others.