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Failed an exam or comparable effect. a coach that runs between Manchester and Stockport within the UK, significantly infamous for its high crime price considering all drunken scallys which use it, specially in the cheaper "magic bus" solutions. A phrase utilized by nazis, indicating the letters inside alphabet. 1=A 9=We 2=B. Adolf Is Back. UNITED KINGDOM Directory Enquiries. Worked flawlessly, had been a little high priced but ended up being really worth the purchase price. Turn off for no reason at all by Oftel, who never ever like to see one organization excel alone, and power down by the individuals who wish needless competitors. 192 implemented within the footsteps of Ma Bell. 192 will be replaced with twelve six-digit '118' numbers, the initial 192 solution is available at 118 500, however it now has rivals. There are several vagina solutions like 118 118 and 118 888. The maximum few ounces of alcohol you may possibly purchase at a bottle shop in Pennsylvania.