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Semiautomatic .45 quality handgun develpoed by John M. Browning, and produced because of the Colt Firearms organization. Adopted by the U.S. Military in 1911, and replaced by the Beretta M92F inside 80s. Probably the preferred handgun of them all. The orginal 1911 features spawned a countless amount of clones, accessories, and ripoffs. It was (but still is) stated in .45 ACP caliber, although there tend to be cosmetically-indentical alternatives that fire in other pistol calibers. It is critisized for this's tiny magazine capability (7), although high-capacity clones are very well-known, such as the Para-Ordinance P14. The 1911 is renowned for it is power, reliability, and reliability. Unlike a conventional hinged trigger, the 1911 uses a sliding trigger that draws back, therefore further improving reliability. At first created by John Browning, it absolutely was made by Colt for the United States Army until replaced by the Beretta 92FS (M9) in 9mm caliber in 80s. There clearly was debate throughout the Beretta and it's not enough energy, and soldiers are recognized to scrounge for 1911s in Iraq. The 45 calibre A1911M1 Colt .45 ACP. It is still in service today and is one of the best handguns within the history of firearms. Biggest pistol ever before. Totally is the owner of but there is however one downside:LOW MAG CAPACITY. This is the most readily useful firearm of all time. It will make a satisfying *boom-whumph* upon pulling the trigger. And its known for slamming over targets being simply typically awesome and over powered.It was the typical sidearm of the us military since its creation in 1911 (hense he title) and has now had a service record of any pistol previously.