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The Canadian consuming age. two years better than 21. the very last 12 months of ya "ADOLESCENTS" :oS The worst age ever before. Nothing interesting takes place when you turn 19. You have been a legal adult for a year, and also you can't do anything brand new legally for the next 2 years. To "be 19", or even have "gone 19" basically means one thing moved incorrect, is merely basic unusual, or perhaps is inexplicable. Derived from Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series. Its true meaning, if anything more than a motif, has actually however is revealed. This age is a sack high in lamesauce. It's basically like becoming 18 once again - only older, unfortunately/obviously. love 19 to its fullest though since it is your last year of being a teenybopper. Do not anticipate the lame/alright household (lame=family party/alright=money) birthday celebration events anymore, or over-the-top gift suggestions. Not from your parents, and particularly not from length loved ones. Perchance you'll have better chance at Christmas time. All in all, you are fortunate if you get some dough from your moms and dads, and luxuriate in your last year of being a young child! Once you're 20, you are going to feel despondent that you are no more a teenager. But don’t worry! Once you turn 21 you can easily drop your sneaky techniques, lawfully take in, and have now all fun of whenever you were a teen. While being sneaky was the enjoyment component. VIRTUALLY, DEVELOPING UP SUCKS. Cherish every moment of one's teenage many years. (16-18 would be the most useful IMO) The age where you are able to legally purchase cigarettes and other tobacco items within the state of brand new Jersey An impossible quantity to rating within one hand of cribbage. Generally, when someone states which they scored 19, they usually have no things inside their hand.