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An "11 teener" is some body within the age group of 11-13. They've finally matured somewhat through the mindsets from many years 8-10. By slightly, after all they will have improve jokes about poop and snot to vaginas, and all sorts of girls found something more straightforward to talk about; clothes, guys, which loser woman over here reading a Discovery mag. 11 teeners have a tendency to believe they truly are hot shit, a boast about all of their "buds" that are currently in highschool. There "buds" babysit all of them whenever their moms and dads are out searching for a fresh sink.Some thirteen year olds are in reality maybe not 11 teeners, however it could be challenging tell by searching. Generally these thirteen year olds tend to be greatly intrigued by some form of arts, and are also somehow enlightened. These thirteen year-old have been in sort of limbo, maybe not a 11 teener, definatly not a teeny bopper, but nevertheless not a teenager offcially. These could thirteen year olds is acknowledged most readily useful when observing them. They normally are devoted to friends, they keep secrets and do not talk shit about colleagues. They genrally have actually decent flavor in music. These children are open minded, they truly are peaceful on occasion when it's proper but want to be noisy and laugh with friends. They are usually popular amoung all groups, they've been friendly and dependable.However these thirteen 12 months olds are rare. The remainder are typical purely 11 teeners. 11 teeners are often described as "preps" but this isn't constantly the situation. They could be scenesters, emos, and nerd a like. They mention sex constantly when they really know nothing from it. Many will never start to see the opposites sexes genitalia before they become an adolescent. However the maturity from a 11 teener to a teen generally begins a bit after entering twelfth grade. Within new domain the as soon as 11 teener begins losing old habits as they begin to understand all of the older grades believe they truly are unbearably annoying. Someone who cannot seem to grow into an adolescent can be dismissed by their buddies to be embarassing and annoying.11 teeners: are extremely closed minded, they state they are going to grow up is some work that produces serious cash while they don't know any thing about this work, they'll lay about consuming coffee to seem older and more good, they discuss an event they went along to that weekend and how squandered they got even though they never went, they hop from trend to trend butt raping it very first then making it to bleed through the nostrils; some respectable teens pick-up the pieces and increase the 'has been trend'.The women: according to the stratgey they use on males, they arrive down as either "cute and innocent" or "charming and sexy" (13 limbo-goers are a variety of 'cute and charming') But in any instance, the feminine 11 teener goes to alarming rates to see appealing and sweet. This is genuine, caused by bodily hormones, it is often a facade put in place by alternate motives. The guys are often much more vulnerable in a relationship then your female, because he might have higher emotions on her behalf while she actually is most likely utilizing him as an acessory. To other females this will depend. An important feminine into the group is indisposable, they probably have something advisable that you subscribe to the team. (for example unlimited texting, good gossip, liked by teams in other schools or rich.) These important females will be the frontrunner of an organization they tend to stay collectively into the group, and in most cases form a trio for a foursome. To them another people in the group are disposable. These 3-4 girls believe they truly are well-known and everybody inside or beyond their particular group loves all of them. They are usually extremely condescending with anybody but each other. People hate all of them, men, girls and also unique team will chat behind their particular back. Sometimes they deserve it. The unimportant girls? These are the often the ones with hobbies that stand in just how of adding to the group. Eg a sport, a club task or split loyalities with another group.The men: The are not because clique-y given that females. While they have their "buds", they will not mind getting together with other peers, as long as they don't really have "beef." Fashion is not much of problems for those guys, each of their wardrope needs is a few sets of brand name jeans and tees and they're ready to go. These are generally fucked if they shop at Walmart or space. The female colleagues are relentless, and will bitch regarding your garments for your requirements or even to both, or both. They text their particular girlfriends some thing awfully generic before each goes to sleep, and purchase them low priced perfume.How to spot a:11 teener: their particular screen name includes werid shit they copied from character chart, they text in a conversation, they take pictures along with their digital camera phone and upload them to myspace/facebook, they riddle on communications with /'s, &'s and small hearts. <313 limbo-goer: they truly are a decent pupil; or about attempt, these are typically into art, they genrally like a wide range of songs, some might-be grungy, while some are incredibly cute, frequently wearing things from Forever21 though some do tend to like some name brands. They can be extremely eco-friendly, and health concsious, they can hold up a significant discussion via text, I am, phone, or perhaps in individual.