What does 100 mile an hour tape mean?

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Army slang for just what civilians commonly phone duct tape. The actual military name for this is olive drab green support tape which can be what you will have to call it if you decide to purchase it from the army offer store (GSA).The tale goes that during WWII the army requested Johnson & Johnson to develop a seal that would keep moisture from their ammo cans. J&J responded with OD green support tape. It is stated that tape had been therefore efficient at maintaining moisture out that water would bead off it like "water off a duck's straight back" making it title "duck tape". Duck tape would become having numerous uses into the military, though; with offer quick during WWII, duck tape became the military's response to repairing equipment on the go. Witnessing exactly how efficient, efficient, and versatile a roll the tape played into the military, J&J advertised the tape to civilians as a fix all. The tape became known as "duct tape", but I'm uncertain should this be as the typical use was to hold ducts collectively or because civilians misheard title. Through the entire reputation for the military, supply was constantly a concern, plus the big event that GI's don't have the appropriate tools to repair anything they might use duck tape. As a fix all, duck tape was therefore efficient it was stated it could hold a jeep collectively going at 100 mph, ergo the most popular army title "100 mile an hour or so tape." Ask any person from the army what it's and they're going to inform you.100 mile an hour tape is a part of military (armed forces) lifestyle such it is actually documented for usage in SOPs (Standard working treatments). From private experience, I can inform you it is made use of per process of preparing slingload businesses (businesses in which a helicopter holds some thing beneath it) also to cover shiny items and lower noise (rattling) when on patrols.