What does 10 by 10 mean?

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the absolute most outrageous cheeseburger readily available. Obtainable eastcoast people, this can term will not apply. Only us lucky western type are blessed with what we call "In 'n Out Burger". Area of the sacred "secret menu," this burger is certainly not a meal, it's an event. A standard, hungry teenage man could possibly be content with a double cheeseburger, but also for the person with a real desire for food, the 10 by 10 could be the only burger that would suffice. 10 patties, slabbed with 10 items of united states prepared mozzarella cheese, this thing is a monster. It can't be eaten typically, if you don't can unlock your jaw. A lot of people eat it on its side, and become eating about 6 patties and mozzarella cheese cuts by themselves, like a steak. Just a genuine guy are capable of this 5000 fat monster.