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The IQ of President George Bush. It really is brought from ny and it's also short for ONE LOVE, folks utilize it as a deviation. When you keep in touch with some body your close 2 as well as a friend you would say 1, befor you can get off the phone or when your leaving your freind or family. The loneliest quantity that you'll ever do. meaning goodbye or i will see you later. 1 stands for one love. It really is utilized for good-bye or 'Im on' (meaning A)The 1337 method of noting you have to leave. Because so many men and women talking on line tend to be sluggish, they always search for shortened techniques to communicate their communications. In this manner, the advancement of this term features inarguably reached its top."Gotta go" -> "g2g" -> "g to g" -> "g/g" -> "1"Thus, from idiom to abbreviation to mathematical ratio, we now have 1.(Definition B)Again, like 1337, categories of 1s may be used to end exclamatory phrases, usually for the intended purpose of mocking n00bs who greatly overuse exclamation markings and fail to launch the 1 secret ahead of the "Shift" secret. May be used with extra extensions such as for instance "one", "eleven", "sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2", or "-(e^(pi*i))". Look at instance for more detail.(Definition C)For younger children, specially those recently potty-trained, a quick system of quantity codes can be used to stop embarrassment when a kid audibly needs to make use of go to the restroom in public areas. Urination is referred to as "1", excrement is "2". The initial "real" quantity in mathematics. In addition observed in large volumes in articles by writers who have forgotten to hold down the "Shift" key.