What does -re mean?

-re meaning in Etymology Dictionary

word-ending that occasionally distinguish Brit from United states English. In U.S., the alteration from -re to -er (to fit pronunciation) in words such as for example fibre, centre, theater started belated 18c.; under urging of Noah Webster (1804 version of their speller, and particularly the 1806 dictionary), it absolutely was set up within the next 25 many years. The -re spelling, like -our, however, had the authority of Johnson's dictionary behind it and stayed in Britain, where it came to be a place of national pride, contra the Yankees. Despite Webster's efforts, -re was retained in terms with -c- or -g- (particularly ogre, acre, the latter which Webster insisted to the end of his times should be aker, and it had been therefore imprinted in versions regarding the dictionary during their lifetime). The -re spelling generally speaking is more justified by conventional etymology, considering French antecedents. It's met these days in the U.S. just in Theatre as a component when you look at the correct names of entertainment showplaces, where it really is possibly considered to inspire a perception of bon ton.