What does -al mean?

-al meaning in Etymology Dictionary

suffix forming adjectives from nouns or other adjectives, "of, like, about, with respect to," center English -al, -el, from French or right from Latin -alis (see -al (2)).

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  • suffix developing nouns of action from verbs, mostly from Latin and French, indicating "act of ______ing" (such as success, recommendation), Middle English -aille, from French feminine singular -aille, from Latin -alia, neuter plural of adjective suffix -alis, also utilized in English as a noun suffix. Nativized in English and combined with Germanic verbs (as in bestowal, betrothal).
  • word-forming take into account biochemistry to point "presence of an aldehyde team" (starting aldehyde). The suffix is widely used in developing the brands of drugs, usually narcotics (particularly barbital), a tendency that obviously started in German and might have now been suggested by chloral (n.).

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