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An annoying conjuction that many myspace men and women make use of. It makes no feeling to make use of an ampersand twice consecutively, but men and women only take action to be trendyXcore.The "&&", "<3", and "x{insert random number}" may be the trifecta of stupid inconvenient myspace shit that, whenever combined, creates a really horrific sentence.pronounced "and and" In some development languages, this will be regularly perform rational 'and' on two things. In others, it is used for short-circuit logical procedure. an irritating routine that small children are incompetent at going through. It is not initial, it's not adorable, end it. The appropriate utilization of the "&&" is within continuation of an earlier statement. The fashionable children often misuse this punctuation by putting it in everywhere. It should not be used everytime someone utilizes an ampersand. It is something which may be used much more to respond to something some other person stated. A typical term used by preps and often by Myspacers who have virtually no resides and are wanting to apply a sad attempt to be hXc or 1337. Typically associated with terms like:&hearts;lolz` instead of the apostrophe<3or many X's and a Myspace ID/Friend quantity.sometimes used in combination with "Oh em gee!" and it is generally said outloud (see examples). The over using associated with ampersand to appear "cute" or "stylish" when actually it simply feels like you:a) have actually a message impediment.b) you might be hyper active A trend available in myspace that folks think is cool though it doesn`t even sound right because it is appropriate to simply get one combination in a phrase. It is also made use of only everywhere on myspace even at the beginning of phrases or wherever the hell those stupid myspacers wish to appear cool.