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Used as a tagging marker in Twitter for producing lists and teams. A grid for playing of game tic-tac-toe. Was previously the sign for lots, but through goddamn twitter its called a hashtag. probably the most irritating key available to you that kids make use of these days before the dumbest sayings and words. And don't believe i am a vintage celebration pooper because I'm 15 and saying this. The official representation of interest seekers on the web lots indication. mostly used in the internet when texting. Rather than typing the phrase "number", you need to use this as a substitute. The absolute most annoying bit of shit worldwide. Its widely used by interest looking for whores. Some utilizes for this regularly be:Number signSharp sign (in music)Tic tac toe gridBut now as a result of twitter its a "HASHTAG". Used by irritating men and women.Some those who put it to use:99% of my schoolWhoresObnoxious hypocritesAnybody we hate the waffle key. many people put it to use as an acronym for 'number.' it appears to be like a waffle.(: