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Joe Jackson, most commonly known as Shoeless Joe Jackson, after a incident where he had a lot of blisters on his foot because of their cleats; he decided to play his after that online game without cleats, and an admirer yelled "You shoeless child of a gun, you!", title stuck.he's identified for their contrversey into the 1919 World Series agains the Cincinnati Reds. At the time, he was playing for the Chicago White Sox (later on became referred to as Black Sox Scandal). But, a mafia, made a decision to ask a couple white sox players to throw the overall game. Shoeless Joe Jackson stated he never ever accepted the income. He also hit the just home run of show. The White Sox did ultimately drop the series, but Joe had lost his possibility in basbeall. Kenesaw Mountian Landis banned Joe from baseballl to wash up all bad acts taking place in baseball. Even today, Shoeless Joe Jackson, the next highest career beatting average ever before alltime, is ineligible for the hall of fame.