What does "A Frog A Went A Wooin'" mean?

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This is basically the name of an American track, circa pre-turn associated with the century. The words, in part tend to be below:"A froggy would a'wooin' go,Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm,Whether his mother would allow him or no,Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm,He moved directly to Miss Mouse's den,Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm,He stated Miss Mouse will you be within?Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm,He said skip Mouse i have arrived at see,Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm,Whether or no you'd get married me,Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm,So Uncle Rat went to city,Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm,To buy his niece a marriage dress,Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm..."The merit of including this tune is found at that time it absolutely was well-known songs. The belief among "civilized, mature, adults," was that this had been just youthful indulgence, a rebellion comparable to an even more acknowledged kind of songs such as for instance rock'n'roll.Every generation has received a kind of musical rebellion, for us rap and rap, material, scene, indie and so forth. For our parents' generation Elvis, The Beatles, The Doors, The Just who, The Rolling Stones. For their parents' generation Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennette, The Rat Pack. Perhaps early in the day representations would add Cab Calloway, Billy getaway, Ella Fitzgerald and wide variety Big Band, Scat, Blues, and Jazz entertainers that drove the musical power of generational difference between mother or father and offspring.Before this there were songs particularly "A Frog the Went the Wooin'" that were considered "noise" whenever the parents for the stone a'billy/rock'n'roll generation thought the music kids heard was "noise."