Sentence Examples with the word zoroaster

While in India the conception of the asura had veered more and more towards the dreadful and the dreaded, Zoroaster elevated it again - at the cost, indeed, of the daivas (daevas), whom he degraded to the rank of malicious powers and devils.

In the relation between Zoroaster and Vishtaspa already lies the germ of the state church which afterwards became completely subservient to the interests of the dynasty and sought its protection from it.

In Persia itself only a few followers of Zoroaster are now found (in Kerman and Yezd).

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The ancients also recounts a few points regarding the childhood of Zoroaster and his hermit-life.

Like John the Baptist and the Apostles of Jesus, Zoroaster also believed that the fulness of time was near, that the kingdom of heaven was at hand.

The new Sassanid Empire which he founded enforced the restored religion of Zoroaster (Zarathustra) on the whole of Iran.

The language in which Zoroaster taught, especially a later development of it, remained as the standard with his followers, and became the sacred language of the priesthood of that faith which he had founded; as such it became, so to speak, absolved from the ordinary conditions of time and space.

The Zend is said to be a branch of the Lak tribe, dating from the time of the Kaianian kings, and claims to have been charged with the care of the Zend-Avesta by Zoroaster himself.1 The tree attached to Markhams chapter on the dynasty contains the names of eight members of the family only, i.e.

The mountain was consumed by fire, but Zoroaster escaped uninjured and spoke to the multitude (vol.

They were firmly attached to the pure creed of Zoroaster (cf.