Sentence Examples with the word zoo

In coal-mines main entries are often zoo yds.

As both Territories approved, a constitutional convention (composed of zoo Democrats and 12 Republicans) met at Guthrie on the 20th of November 1906.

Outside the United Kingdom it has its own agencies or secretaries in twenty-seven of the chief cities of the world, and maintains depots in zoo other centres.

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It is noticeable that some of the fields in the territory of the ancient Faventia still preserve the exact size of the ancient Roman centuria of zoo iugeri (E.

We must have a concern for the welfare of zoo animals.

There are over zoo schools, with an average attendance exceeding io,000.

The inclusive speed over a long journey is of course a different thing from the average running speed, on account of the time consumed in intermediate stops; the fewer the stops the more easily is the inclusive speed increased, - hence the advantage of the non-stop runs of 150 and zoo m.

The solubility of the gas in various liquids, as given by different observers, is zoo Volumes of Brine Water Alcohol Paraffin Carbon disulphide Fusel oil Benzene Chloroform Acetic acid Acetone It will be seen from this table that where it is desired to collect and keep acetylene over a liquid, brine, i.e.

Contour-line with all its irregularities would be represented by the beach mark made by the sea when zoo ft.

A group in Paignton Zoo decided to test the hypothesis.