Sentence Examples with the word zinzendorf

Bohm.-Bruder (1887); Becker, Zinzendorf and sein Christentum im Verhaltnis zum kirchlichen u.

For some reason he incurred the disfavour of Zinzendorf and fled to Holland, where with the aid of the government he continued his experiments.

Bohm.-Bruder (1882); Muller, Das Bischofstum der Bruder-Kirche (1888); Zinzendorf als Erneuerer der alien Bruder-Kirche (1900); Die deutschen Katechismen.

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At first he went to Jena, but Zinzendorf at once sought to secure him as a fellow labourer, though the count wished to obtain from him a declaration which would remove from the Pietists of Halle all blame with regard to the disruption.

In addition to the Idea fidei fratrum, Spangenberg wrote, besides other apologetic books, a Declaration fiber die seither gegen uns ausgegangenen Beschuldigungen sonderlich die Person unseres Ordinarius (Zinzendorf) betreffend (Leipzig, 1751), an Apologetische Schlussschrift (1752), Leben des Grafen Zinzendorf (r77 2-1775); and his hymns are well known beyond the Moravian circle.

At Lindsey House Count Zinzendorf established a Moravian Society (c. 1750).

In 1728 Count Zinzendorf visited Jena, and Spangenberg made his acquaintance; in 1730 he visited the Moravian colony at Herrnhut.

In London he met Peter Miller who had been ordained by Zinzendorf for work in Carolina.

Those who had fled to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania (1734) formed a small community under the name of Schwenkfelders; and Zinzendorf and Spangenberg, when they visited the United States, endeavoured, but with little success, to convert them to their views.