Sentence Examples with the word zimmern

By Zimmern and Buhl, Leipzig, 1910); Brown, Briggs and Driver, Hebrew and Eng.

The interesting parallels between the Babylonian Marduk (Merodach) god of light and Christ as a world saviour are ingeniously set forth by Zimmern in K.A.T., 3rd ed., pp. 376-391, but the total impression which they leave is vague.

Professors Peter Jensen and Zimmern have also done excellent work in the same field and, together with Haupt, have established the correct method of investigating the Sumerian vocables, which should be studied only in relation to the Sumerian literature.

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This is not a distinction which governs Zimmern and other writers.

Benrath (2nd ed., Brunswick, 1892), translated into English by Helen Zimmern (London, 1876).

Students of Tallquist's Maklu series of incantation or of the surpu series edited by Zimmern (in his Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Babylonischen Religion) will recollect the images over which the priest sorcerer recites his formulae.