Sentence Examples with the word zillion

It's up in the mountains, a zillion miles from any shopping.

And if you'd gone down there one of the zillion times he's invited you in the last two years, he wouldn't feel obligated to come up now.

That I was Death for a zillion years and that I fucked you over bad then ran off and became a human.

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There are a zillion fast food restaurants around here.

The crime was selling a zillion newspapers as the bloodthirsty public read with glee details of the gruesome treasure hunt that continued throughout the week.

He'd been fevered for a zillion years, trapped in the tiny cell in ever-changing forms, always in darkness.

His phone dinged, and he looked down at one of the zillion text messages he received from any number of his Guardians every day.

I'd sue your ass and the county and everyone else in sight for a zillion bucks.