Sentence Examples with the word zenith

Latitudinal Co-ordinate; Altitude or Zenith Distance.

The Maccabean dynasty had now reached the zenith of its prosperity, and in its reigning representative, who alone in the history of Judaism possessed the triple offices of prophet, priest and king, the Pharisaic party had come to recognize the actual Messiah.

This transference of the authority of the latter to a number of distinct bodies and the consequent disintegration of the old organization was a gradual spontaneous movement, - a process of slow displacement, or natural growth and decay, due to the play of economic forces, - which, generally speaking, may be assigned to the 14th and 15th centuries, the very period in which the craft gilds attained the zenith of their power.

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Before I retired I had reached the zenith of my career.

The last pope to be canonized, his pontificate marks the zenith of the Catholic reformation.

But the accession of larger resources due to the union between Catalonia and Aragon in 1149, brought the city to the zenith of its fame and wealth.

It was the zenith of the power of the baronial anarchists, who moved from camo to camp with shameless rapidity, wresting from one or other of the two rival sovereigns some royal castle, or some dangerous grant of financial or judicial rights, at each change of allegiance.

Then in the zenith of his success Odenathus was assassinated at Moms (Emesa) along with his eldest son Herodes (A.D.

It was the time when the youthful Speranski was at the zenith of his fame and his reforms were being pushed forward with the greatest energy.

It was about this time that Mer y reached the zenith of her glory.