Sentence Examples with the word zaria

The murderer fled northwards through Zaria to Kano, which was still an independent Mahommedan state.

Slave-raiding was practised on a scale which devastated and almost depopulated vast regions and greatly hampered the commercial activity of the large cities, of which Zaria and Kano were the most important.

In August of that year the British government, on administrative, strategic and commercial grounds, came to a decision to build a railway which should place the important cities of Zaria and Kano in direct communication with the perennially navigable waters of the Lower Niger.

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The emir of Zaria was found to be in treasonable correspondence with the emir of Kano.

Railway from Baro on the Niger via Bida and Zaria to Kano - a distance of about 400 m.

The province of Zaria alone is estimated to produce annually 30,000 to 40,000 bales, all of which is used locally.

Of Kano; Zaria (q.v.), pop.