Sentence Examples with the word zambezi

In the south-west the Zambezi system interlaces with that of the Taukhe (or Tioghe), from which it at times receives surplus water.

The common or true duiker (C. grimmi) is found in bush-country from the Cape to the Zambezi and Nyasaland, and ranges northward on the west coast to Angola.

The line progressed rapidly, and by the end of 1921 only the dredging of the Zambezi remained to be accomplished.

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Another railway, part of the Cape to Cairo connexion, runs north-west from Bulawayo, Grossing the Zambezi just below the Victoria Falls.

The Zambezi expedition, of which Livingstone thus became commander, sailed from Liverpool in H.M.S.

South of the Zambezi the group reappears in the shape of the asse-fox or fennec. (V.

In the Kalahari and in the eastern lowlands (from Zululand to the Zambezi delta) most of these animals are still found, as well as the eland, wildebeest and gemsbok.

From the seaports of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Lourenco Marques and Beira railway lines run to Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Pretoria, while a trunk line extends north from Kimberley through Rhodesia (in which gold mining began on an extensive scale in 1898) and across the Zambezi below the Victoria Falls into the Congo basin, where it serves the Katanga mineral area.

Returning to the Zambezi in the beginning of 1863, he found that the desolation caused by the slave trade was more horrible and widespread than ever.