Sentence Examples with the word you thought

I can't believe you thought I was going to marry her.

But you thought Alexia wasn't yours.

No, it wasn't any of you're business when you thought you caught Alex and me, but it didn't stop you from making your nasty accusations.

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I wanted to see what you would do when confronted with the man you thought you were going to return to, he replied.

If you thought otherwise, you wouldn't have fucked me last night, he said, meeting her gaze.

No, I just got rid of the goats and started doing the work you thought I was suited to.

Obviously you thought it was a little eccentric, though, or you wouldn't assume he would see it that way.

You faced what you thought was a great danger, and you were not afraid.

I never knew you thought of me as anything but a housekeeper - an opinionated one at that.

I hope that along the way you thought of a few I missed, a few trends or developments that lead toward peace.