Sentence Examples with the word yelling

The youth scrambled up as if accustomed to the treatment, yelling again at his father.

For war the natives smear themselves in grotesque fashion with lime or ochres, and in some parts hold in their teeth against the chin a face-like mask, supposed to strike terror into the foe, against whom they advance warily (if not timidly), yelling and blowing their war-trumpets.

In Edinburgh she was received by a yelling mob, which flaunted before her at each turn a banner representing the corpse of Darnley with her child beside it invoking on his knees the retribution of divine justice.

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The distant roar of the yelling crowd was audible even there.

A band tooted practice blasts, someone was yelling directions through an old fashioned megaphone, which were ignored, and Suzanne, whose nightly music show serenaded the tourists, warmed up the Star Spangled Banner in a voice that needed no mike.

Let's discuss this without yelling at each other,' I said, raising my voice over Claire's continued screaming.

She was concerned about the yelling of the child.

I was just coming down an escalator in J C Penny's down in Orange County when Mary Beth Ashmont, this girl I'd take advantage of in a park in Irvine; a girl I didn't even remember, started yelling her head off, 'that's the man, that's the man!' and like a damned fool, I began running.

His lawyer is yelling harassment.

As they approached a large building, a lot of whooping and yelling could be heard.