Sentence Examples with the word yearning

It was the natural yearning of that portion, any portion of our most primitive ancestor which still survived in us.

It is one of the few examples of free corporate action on the part of the ancient Greek cities, whose centrifugal yearning for independence so often proved fatal to the Hellenic world.

Many also came with yearning of soul to enjoy the bliss of God.

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She focused on what he said to keep herself distracted from the yearning growing in her body.

Desire and yearning crept into him, knowing she was so close.

The statement was met with glazed eyes and yearning smiles.

For in no other country had hostility to religion attained such a pitch or assumed such grotesque forms; and consequently in no other country did the yearning for religion manifest itself so unequivocally, when bitter experience had demonstrated the necessity of a return to law and order.

This yearning is a dumb unintelligent longing, which moves like a heaving sea in obedience to some dark and indefinite law, and is powerless to fashion anything in permanence.

It is perhaps easy to understand how, in the crisis of 1640, when the ethico-political system of Hobbes first took written shape, a peace-loving philosopher should regard the claims of individual conscience as essentially anarchical, and dangerous to social well-being; but however strong might be men's yearning for order, a view of social duty, in which the only fixed positions were selfishness everywhere and unlimited power somewhere, could not but appear offensively paradoxical.

He'd been yearning and delighted, even claiming the immortal world to be heaven.