Sentence Examples with the word xviii

So, from the first, France was faced with another war against an affrighted and infuriated Europe, a war in which the big battalions would be on the side of the Seventh Coalition; and to oppose their vast armies, Napoleon only had in March the 150,000 men he had taken over from Louis XVIII when the Bourbon hurriedly quitted the throne.

See C. Ugoni, Della letteratura italiana nella seconda meta del secolo XVIII (1820-1822); A.

The principle of subtraction from a higher number, which appeared in notation, also appeared in numeration, but not for exactly the same numbers or in exactly the same way; thus XVIII was two-from-twenty, and the next number was onefrom-twenty, but it was written XIX, not IXX.

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See also Villemain, Tableau de la littrature francaise au XVIII e siecle; the abbe Trublet, Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de la vie et des ouvrages de M.

Flammermont in Etudes critiques sur les sources de l'histoire du xviii e siecle: Les Memoires de Mme Campan, in the Bulletin de la Faculte des lettres de Poitiers (4th year, 1886, pp. 56, 109); J.