Sentence Examples with the word wyandotte

ARGENTINE, a city of Wyandotte county, Kansas, U.

Of these municipalities Wyandotte, the oldest, was originally settled by the Wyandotte Indians in 1843; it was platted and settled by whites in 1857; and was incorporated as a town in 1858, and as a city in 1859.

After the free-state men gained control of the Territorial legislature in 1857 the legislature regularly adjourned from Lecompton, the legal capital, to Lawrence, which was practically the capital until the choice of Topeka under the Wyandotte constitution.

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For more full descriptions of Wyandotte Cave and its contents, see Hovey's Celebrated American Caverns, pp. 123-153; Indiana State Geological Reports, by R.

In the limestone region of the south there are numerous caves, the most notable being Wyandotte Cave in Crawford county, next to Mammoth Cave the largest in the United States.