Sentence Examples with the word wv

The name logarithm is derived from the words X6 7 wv hp426s, the number of the ratios, and the way of regarding a logarithm which justifies the name may be explained as follows.

So, although the warlike character of Hera was not elsewhere prominent, she assumed a militant aspect in her two chief cities; a festival called the Shield (iuriris, in Pindar ay Wv X6XKEos) was part of the Argive cult, and there was an armed procession in her honour at Samos.

KO,unros); the comes sacrarum largitionum (count of the sacred bounties) was called at Constantinople b K6pns TWV aaKpt v XapyLTUJP Wv and the comes rerum privatarum 1 The exact significance of a title is difficult to reproduce in a foreign language.

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Frazer both explain Pasiphae's monstrous union as a sacred ceremony (iepos yap,os), at which the queen of Cnossus was wedded to a bull-formed god, just as the wife of the iip X wv lwnXein in Athens was wedded to Dionysus.

In the Orthodox Eastern Church Palm Sunday (Kvpcadi or EopTi) TWV J3a wv iopril Oaioc Epos, or 11 i a1046pos) is not included in Holy Week, but is regarded as a joyous festival commemorating Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Io), slanderer or accuser, the 'rEipd wv (Matt.