Sentence Examples with the word written

Simonsfeld has written a life of Andrea Dandolo in German (Munich, 1876).

In the same way the supporting vowel, which is regularly an e in CataIan, is often written a, especially after r (abra, ar bore m; astra, a s t r u m; para, p a t r e in); one may say that in the actual state of the language post-tonic e and a become indistinguishable in a surd sound intermediate between the French a and mute e.

An elegy written by him in Latin on the death of a friend attracted the attention of Count von Briihl, the prime minister, who expressed a desire to see the author.

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To the surprise of all he declared with dignity and emphasis that what he had recently done troubled him more than anything he ever did or said in his whole life; that he renounced and refused all his recantations as things written with his hand, contrary to the truth which he thought in his heart; and that as his hand had offended, his hand should be first burned when he came to the fire.

Still the attitude created by the Tubingen theory largely persists as a biassing element in much that is written about Acts.

For instance, gye (eight), which is written brgyad and still spoken vrgyad in Balti in the west and Khams in the east, is gyod in Ladak, Lahul, Tsang and U.

More's Life in MS. (Harleian 6253 and elsewhere), anonymous, but by Nicolas Harpsfield, was also written in Mary's reign.

Its exclusion from the Jewish Canon of Scripture resulted naturally from its Alexandrian thought and from the fact that it was written in Greek.

Licensee may not assign this Agreement (including by operation of law) without the prior written consent of Licensor.

The first sign we have of his interest in economics is a letter (1749) on paper money, written to his fellow student the abbe de Cice, refuting the abbe Terrasson's defence of Law's system.