Sentence Examples with the word writhing

Jonny was on a low, flat rock, making love to a woman writhing in pleasure beneath him.

He tried to visualize her morphing into a wolf, writhing in pain as she transformed, foaming at the mouth, snarling.

And Tikhon, purposely writhing and making faces, pretended to be angry and swore at the French with the funniest curses.

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Eden gazed at his writhing body a moment longer before she rose.

The flame-like P u t the matter in another processes and outliers are composed of way, if we could imagine writhing filaments, and the contours all the living cells of a are continually changing while the large oak or of a horse, colony moves as a whole.

The help of the engraver had early been called in; and tens of thousands of children looked with terror and delight on execrable copperplates, which represented Christian thrusting his sword into Apollyon, or writhing in the grasp of Giant Despair.

But neither Sheridan nor Fox was capable of that sustained and overflowing indignation at outraged justice and oppressed humanity, that consuming moral fire, which burst forth again and again from the chief manager of the impeachment, with such scorching might as drove even the cool and intrepid Hastings beyond all self-control, and made him cry out with protests and exclamations like a criminal writhing under the scourge.

The interior of the church was packed with bodies writhing to the deafening, throbbing music.

If Eden succeeded, Xander died, a fact he didn't learn for many years after she left him writhing in agony on the roof of a tavern.

Founding himself to some extent on the traditional motives, Diirer conceived and carried out a set of designs in which the qualities of the German late Gothic style, its rugged strength and restless vehemence, its love of gnarled forms, writhing actions and agitated lines, are fused by the fire of the young master's spirit into vital combination with something of the majestic power and classic severity which he had seen and admired in the works of Mantegna.