Sentence Examples with the word wreath

In the present order of the French Republic the symbolical head of the Republic appears in the centre, and a laurel wreath replaces the imperial crown; the inscription round the medallion is Republique francaise.

She is dressed in bridal white with wreath and veil, and receives a wedding-ring, as spouse of the Church.

At the upper extremity of the spear was a golden wreath encircling the sacred monogram,.

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Then she held up in each hand a beautiful wreath of flowers.

Llewelyn's head was brought to Edward at Conway Castle, who ordered it to be exhibited in the capital, surrounded by a wreath of ivy, in mocking allusion to an ancient Cymric prophecy concerning a Welsh prince being crowned in London.

When I return to my house I find that visitors have been there and left their cards, either a bunch of flowers, or a wreath of evergreen, or a name in pencil on a yellow walnut leaf or a chip.

From the latter point of view - as generalissimo of the forces of Rome, he had the right to the insignia of the commander (the laurel wreath and the fasces), and to the protection of a bodyguard, the praetoriani.

Of the great amount of Roman sculpture the best single piece is a head of Dionysus under the influence of wine, crowned with a wreath of ivy, his right hand thrown carelessly over his head.

None of the Philadelphia family was in evidence but a gigantic wreath from Delasandro and Company dominated the foot of the casket.

Male figures wear not only a wreath or corona proper, but also a garland of flowers hung round the neck.