Sentence Examples with the word wrapped

All at once a sudden shock passed through my whole being, my eyes swam, and I seemed wrapped in a dazzling white mist.

The shepherds, rudely clad in a sleeveless sheepskin jacket, the wool outside, and leather breeches, and loosely wrapped in a woollen mantle or blanket, are among the most striking objects in a Spanish landscape, especially on the table-land.

Not the kind of fear one experienced when falling from a horse, but a soul-deep fear that wrapped around her core.

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A fine hoard of gold coins, wrapped in lead-foil and hidden in a wall, was discovered in 1908.

I'm so wrapped up in my ideas that I didn't even ask.

She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, hiding her face from the light.

Dean rubbed and blotted Cynthia Byrne's body briskly with the towel and wrapped her head turban-like in a smaller one.

He wrapped his free arm around her, pulling her to his side and effectively pinning her there.

His heartbeat was strong and steady, the thick arm wrapped around her as it had been when he held her after they'd made love for the last time before falling asleep.

He crossed to her and touched her side, where a long bruise wrapped around her hip.