Sentence Examples with the word wrap

Elisabeth was falling apart, and he tried desperately to wrap his head around what had happened.

Touches of colour may be added to vessels in course of manufacture by means of seals of molten glass, applied like sealing-wax; or by causing vessels to wrap themselves round with threads or coils of coloured glass.

Amictus, from amicire, to throw or wrap round, the change of t to s being probably due to an early confusion with the aumuce: see Almuce), a liturgical vestment of the Western Church.

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She rolled her eyes at the vague answer then stretched up on her tiptoes to wrap the chain around his neck.

It was too large of a concept for her to wrap her head around.

During the cold months, both sexes wrap themselves in thick woollen coats or sheepskins, with the fleece inwards; both are also shod with corded sandals, called opanke.

The first act of the female after oviposition is to wrap her eggs in a casing of silk commonly called the cocoon.

They adjusted around her like fingers, leathery and long enough to wrap around her body.

Well, hurry up and wrap it.

Damian forced himself to focus on Dusty, though he wanted nothing more than to wrap his hands around the newbie's neck.