Sentence Examples with the word wort

Trevenfeld, Paraguay in Wort and Bild (Berlin, 1904); H.

See Funcke, Geschichte des Furstenthums and der Stadt Essen (Elberfeld, 1851); Kellen, Die Industriestadt Essen in Wort and Bild (Essen, 1902); and A.

Wehrmann, Geschichte von Pommern (Gotha, 1904-1906); and Uecker, Pommern in Wort and Bild (Stettin, 1904).

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He recommended that yeast should be purified by cultivating it in a solution of sugar containing tartaric acid, or, in wort containing a small quantity of phenol.

See Die 0sterreichisch-ungarische Monarchie in Wort and Bild, vol.

Umlauft, Die Lander 0sterreichUngarns in Wort and Bild, (15 vols., Vienna, 1881-1889), vol.

See Die Lander OesterreichUngarns in Wort and Bild, vol.

Brewers' wort remains unchanged for years, milk keeps permanently sweet, and these and other complex liquids remain unaltered when freely exposed to air from which all these minute organisms are removed.

See Ein Wort der Erinnerung an Albrecht von Grcife (Halle, 1870) by his cousin, Alfred Grafe (1830-1899), also a distinguished ophthalmologist, and the author of Das Sehen der Schielenden (Wiesbaden, 1897); and E.

Eckardt, Alt-Kiel in Wort and Bild (Kiel, 1899); P. Hasse, Das Kieler Stadtbuch, 1264-1289 (Kiel, 1875); Das dlteste Kieler Rentebuch 1300, 1487, edited by C. Reuter (Kiel, 1893); Das zweite Kieler Rentebuch 1487, 1586, edited by W.