Sentence Examples with the word world war

Maybe World War I would have happened anyway.

As a member of the Senate committee on military affairs during the World War he took part in investigations which resulted in a reorganization of the ordnance and quartermaster departments as well as the aircraft production board.

The offer was not accepted, and Mr. Law, though he joined the Buckingham Palace Conference in a last hope of aiming at a reasonable settlement, was anticipating the immediate outbreak of civil war in Ireland when the World War supervened.

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It was the Salandra Cabinet which took the momentous decision of bringing Italy into the World War on the side of the Allies, and it conducted the Government of the country during the first months of the campaign more successfully than any of the succeeding war Cabinets.

In the critical negotiations before the outbreak of the World War he supported every attempt to avert the danger.

After World War I, as the Ottoman Empire collapsed, several new countries emerged.

A full-scale, no-holds-barred, nuclear-missiles-raining-down kind of world war would profoundly change the course of human history for all time.

Moseley was in Australia with the British Association in 1914 when the World War broke out; he returned to England, obtained a commission in the Royal Engineers, and was killed by a Turkish bullet on the Gallipoli peninsula on Aug.

In World War I, in the Battle of the Somme, were over a million casualties, and the action advanced the Allied line just seven miles, or about two deaths for every inch of ground.

Then came World War I, which utilized these institutions and greatly expanded the size of the federal government.