Sentence Examples with the word working-class

The low level of wages in many trades and the jealousies of the Chambers of Labor and other working-class organizations impede rapid development.

Labor legislation is backward in Italy, on account of the late development of manufacturing industry and of working-class organization.

THOMAS, JAMES HENRY (1878-), English Labour politician, was born at Newport (Mon.), of working-class parents, Oct.

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Mutual benefit and co-operative societies serve the purpose of working-class defence or offence against the employers.

Private institutions and working-class associations have striven to improve the intellectual conditions of the working classes.

The mass of the working-class population in the Protestant parts of Germany belonged to the Social Democracy, an inclusive term covering variations of opinion from the doctrinaire system of Marx to a degree of Radicalism which in England would not be considered a bar to a peerage.

Although in some industrial centres the working-class movement has assumed an importance equal to that of other countries, there is no general working-class organization comparable to the English trade unions.

In 1896 he became vicar of Portsea, when his success in administering a large working-class parish led in 1901 to his nomination as bishop suffragan of Stepney in the East End of London.

Com posed mainly of elements drawn from the Left, and dependent for a majority upon the support of the subversive groups of the Extreme Left, the formation of this cabinet gave the signal for a vast working-class movement, during which the Socialist party sought to extend its political influence by means of strikes and the organization of labor leagues among agricultural laborers and artisans.

Wages vary greatly in different parts of Italy, according to the cost of the necessaries of life, the degree of development of working-class needs and the state of working-class organization, which in some places has succeeded in increasing the rates of pay.