Sentence Examples with the word workhouse

When the economy entered recession, the workhouse conditions had to be worsened more.

Such too, to a greater or less extent, is the condition of the operatives of every denomination in England, which is the great workhouse of the world.

By around 1700, the workhouse movement was under way.

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In 1773 the mine was leased by the General Court and was fitted up as a public gaol and workhouse (called Newgate Prison), the prisoners being employed in mining.

A husband who wilfully abandons his wife, leaving her destitute, or who refuses to support her when he is able to do so, may be punished by imprisonment in the state prison not exceeding one year or in the county jail or workhouse not more than six months nor less than fifteen days, and for ten days, in the discretion of the judge, he may be kept on a bread and water diet.

In 1635 the king granted the inhabitants of Halifax licence to found a workhouse in a large house given to them for that purpose by Nathaniel Waterhouse, and incorporated them under the name of the master and governors.

In the same year the first district nurse began work in Liverpool; and in 1865 the reform of the much-neglected workhouse nursing was inaugurated by Miss Agnes Jones and twelve nurses from St Thomas's, who took up the work in Liverpool.

The theory was that life in the workhouse had to be worse than life outside the workhouse, otherwise it would be overrun with the poor.

The new system prohibited any relief given to the poor outside of a workhouse while simultaneously lowering the quality of the workhouses to discourage the poor from using them except as a last resort.

No Presbyterian orphan child now needs to seek workhouse relief.