Sentence Examples with the word work up

Angry at him again, she realized she'd been trying to work up the courage to break up with him for weeks.

All the more are, however, the gross stimulants, connected with the adoration of his consort, calculated to work up the carnal instincts of the devotees to an extreme degree of sensual frenzy.

It had taken her two days to work up the courage to walk alone into what appeared to be the rear wall but was really a mirage disguising a grey bathroom with a clothing unit in the corner.

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The waterfalls are utilized at a few points to work up into wood pulp the forests of spruce which cover much of Labrador, Quebec and Ontario.

Nor does he painfully work up to his master-category, for it is given in the knowledge of Jesus Christ revealed to the community.

Dean asked Harrigan to work up his end of the report on the Byrne matter and make a few last minute return phone calls to neighbors, just to dot the I's.

But it is difficult and expensive to work up into various forms. Concrete has been avoided for making beams, slabs and thin walls, just because its deficiency in tensile strength doomed it to failure in such structures.

We were then sent to the guidance office so they could work up a schedule for me.

Hear me, then: I take that mast-head flame we saw for a sign of good luck; for those masts are rooted in a hold that is going to be chock a' block with sperm-oil, d'ye see; and so, all that sperm will work up into the masts, like sap in a tree.

He chooses this order so as to work up to a climax of error and absurdity in heathen worship. The direct natureworship of the Chaldeans is shown to be false because its objects are works of the Creator, fashioned for the use of men.