Sentence Examples with the word word meaning

BUDGET (originally from a Gallic word meaning sack, latinized as bulga, leather wallet or bag, thence in O.

Ten thousand dinars are equal to one tornan (a word meaning ten thousand), or 10 krans silver, and 50 dinars are one shahi.

THEGN, or Thane, an Anglo-Saxon word meaning an attendant, servant, retainer or official, and cognate with Gr.

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Karroo is a corruption of Karusa, a Hottentot word meaning dry, barren, and its use as a place-name indicates the character of the plateaus so designated.

Latitudo, latus, broad), a word meaning breadth or width, hence, figuratively, freedom from restriction, but more generally used in the geographical and astronomical sense here treated.

TUMULUS, a Latin word meaning a heap or mound, also used in classical writings in the secondary sense of a grave.

This part of the coast, subject alike to strong westerly and southeasterly winds, is often tempestuous, as is witnessed by the name, corruption of a Hottentot word meaning dry, arid.

Thus, in the reign of Alexander, the fugitive serfs whom tyranny or idleness had driven into this wilderness (they were subsequently known as Kazaki, or Cossacks, a Tatar word meaning freebooters) were formed into companies (c. 1504) and placed at the disposal of the frontier starostas, or lord marchers, of Kaniev, Kamenets, Czerkask on the Don and other places.

The colony of Otago (from a native word meaning ochre, which was found here and highly prized by the Maoris as a pigment for the body when preparing for battle) was founded as the chief town of the Otago settlement by settlers sent out under the auspices of the lay association of the Free Church of Scotland in 1848.

NIZAM, the hereditary title of the reigning prince of Hyderabad in India, derived from an Arabic word meaning order, or administration.