Sentence Examples with the word wooing

From this time forth she led the life of a woman of letters, writing novels, of which The Minister's Wooing (18J9) is best known, and many studies of social life in the form both of fiction and essay.

He also is responsible for Freydal, an allegorical account of the tournaments in which he took part during his wooing of Mary of Burgundy; Ehrenpforten, Triumphwagen and Der weisen konige Stammbaum, books concerning his own history and that of the house of Habsburg, and works on various subjects, as Das Stahlbuch, Die Baumeisterei and Die Gdrtnerei.

Associated with the, stories of the wooing of Kriemhild (see infra), has been laid out in keeping with the old traditions and was opened with great festivities in 1906.

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In the same way a woman reappeared to her husband in Glencoe in the last generation, but he was wooing another lass and did not make any effort to recover his wife.

But the story of Agariste's wooing resembles romance and has slight chronological value.