Sentence Examples with the word woodwork

The spores of the fungus will find a way through brickwork, concrete and similar material, in order to reach woodwork that may be on the other side.

They have olive presses and flour mills, and their own millstone quarries, even travelling into make lime, tiles, woodwork for the houses, domestic utensils and agricultural implements.

The adze (41) was used not only for woodwork but also for dressing limestone.

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On the 2nd of February 1829 the woodwork of the choir was set on fire by Jonathan Martin, a madman.

The font is a fine specimen of the same style; and there is beautiful woodwork in the chancel.

One-third to be deducted off repairs to and renewal of woodwork of hull, masts and spars, furniture, upholstery, crockery, metal and glassware, also sails, rigging, ropes, sheets and hawsers (other than wire and chain), awnings, covers and painting.

Most destructive, also, are the termites or white ants, whose ravages are to be seen in the crumbling woodwork and furniture of all habitations in the hot zones.

When it is remembered that the woodwork is infested by the pile worm (Teredo navalis), the ravages of which were discovered in 1731, the labour and expense incurred in the construction and maintenance of the sea dikes now existing may be imagined.

Some of these, such as the lapacho and quebracho, are of rare excellence and durability, as is shown by the wonderful state of preservation in which the woodwork of early Jesuit churches still remains.

While the houses of the poorer classes are mean and too often dirty, in marked contrast are the houses of the wealthier citizens, built generally in a style of elaborate arabesque, the windows shaded with projecting cornices of graceful woodwork (mushrebiya) and ornamented with stained glass.