Sentence Examples with the word wooded

It had the same long regularly graded retreating slope from above the brows, which were likewise very projecting, like two long promontories thickly wooded on top.

The green rattlesnake (Crotalus molossus) inhabits the valley of the Rio Grande; the plains rattlesnake (Crotalus confluentus), the north-western counties; the diamond rattlesnake (C. adamanteus), the wooded river bottoms; the Texas rattlesnake, western Texas and the southern coast counties; the banded rattlesnake, a few widely separated woodland districts.

The black rhinoceros (Rhinoceros (Diceros) bicornis) is the smaller of the two, and has a pointed prehensile upper lip. It ranges through the wooded and watered districts of Africa, from Abyssinia in the north to the Cape Colony, but its numbers are yearly diminishing, owing to the opening up of the country.

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The giant pipe ran through a wooded area, away from the cliff edge.

Orographically, therefore, the proper Carpathians are divided into: (a) the western Carpathians, (b) the eastern or wooded Carpathians, and (c) the central groups.

The north-west part of the system is the loftier and the more densely wooded as well as the more beautiful; the highest summits here are the Grosser Beerberg (3225 ft.), Schneekopf (3203) and the Finsterberg (3104), all in the duchy of Gotha.

Long, are found on the wooded banks of the rivers; small lizards and chameleons are common, and there are several varieties of tortoise.

The scissor-tailed flycatcher, or Texas bird of paradise, is common on the prairies and in the lightly wooded districts.

A favourite spot is the Zugliget (Auwinkel), a wooded dale on the northern slope of the hill.

Marne, united to the Ardennes on the north-eastern frontier by the wooded highlands of Argonne.