Sentence Examples with the word wonder

He winced visibly and crammed his hands into his pockets in a way that made her wonder if he thought she would be safer that way.

He suspected Sirian was Memon's spy and couldn't help but wonder if Memon understood how deep ambition ran in a man like Sirian.

I wonder if you're the first man to do dishes in this cabin.

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I was quite ill afterward, and I wonder if retribution also overtook the turkey.

I knew and loved the whole tribe of nymphs and heroes and demigods--no, not quite all, for the cruelty and greed of Medea and Jason were too monstrous to be forgiven, and I used to wonder why the gods permitted them to do wrong and then punished them for their wickedness.

If there was so little cohesion among the various provinces it is small wonder that Ireland fell such an easy prey to the Vikings in the next century.

Small wonder that war was unending: Victory in battle was a path to success, while military service was highly regarded in all classes and was a virtual prerequisite for a career in politics.

The boy murmured in wonder at the soft cloth.

No wonder that Bohemund flung himself in revenge on the Eastern empire in 1 1 08 - only, however, to meet with a humiliating defeat at Durazzo.

I listened with increasing wonder to Miss Sullivan's descriptions of the great round world with its burning mountains, buried cities, moving rivers of ice, and many other things as strange.