Sentence Examples with the word wise to

It also stands for the vehicle of the magician's energy - the spell; which would seem like wise to be a meaning, perhaps the root-meaning, of orenda (cf.

I wonder if it would be wise to put a fence across down there.

It wasn't wise to allow a canteen to go empty in this country, but the water supply was getting low.

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My disappointment was bitter at the time; but little by little I came to realize that it was not kind or wise to force this poor dumb creature out of his element, and after awhile I felt happy in the thought that perhaps he had returned to the sea.

While they were dating, it had seemed wise to avoid making him aware of her desire for him.

It would be wise to flush him from her mind - day and night.

With Herries and Maxwell he shook the English centre, but while Stanley and the men of Cheshire drove the highlanders of Lennox and Argyll in flight (their leaders had already fallen), the admiral and Dacre fell on the flank of James's command, which Surrey, too wise to pursue the fleet highlanders, surrounded with his whole force.

In general, it is therefore wise to order a double dose at bedtime.

Canovas assured the queenregent that he was ready to undertake the task of protecting the new state of things if it was thought wise to continue the Conservative policy of the late king, but in the circumstances created by his death, he must frankly say that he considered it advisable to send for Seor Sagasta and ask him to take the reins of government, with a view to inaugurate the regency under progressive and conciliatory policy.

Felipa slowly shook her head, obviously contemplating whether it was wise to confide in them.