Sentence Examples with the word wired

He found some of his wired energy dissipating at the long walk and change of scenery despite knowing nothing good had ever come from a meeting with Sasha.

He was hot and sweaty, but he'd not yet been able to rid himself of the wired energy humming through his blood.

She was wired with a different kind of energy after the sparring session, one that made her remember all too clearly how she'd felt under his body.

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I considered a stop at the office of these people but I was intelligent enough to see it was wired with a sophisticated security system that I shall not attempt to challenge.

He was exhausted and wired with angry energy.

She rubbed the back of her neck, mentally wired despite her fatigue.

Martha opened the screen door with a flourish Grandpa built this place in the nineteen thirties and wired it years later.

After an hour-long attempt to expel his wired energy, he returned to his room to the sound of his cell phone ringing.