Sentence Examples with the word winters

In the last-named one personal touch is found when the king tells the archbishop how grievous it is to put to death persons of twelve winters for stealing.

He returned, after passing two winters in Canada; and on another occasion he also failed to establish a colony.

Siberia, north of the 50th parallel, has a climate not much differing from a similarly situated portion of Europe, though the winters are more severe and the summers hotter.

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Minnesota has the characteristic climate of the North Central group of states, with a low mean annual temperature, a notably rarefied atmosphere that results in an almost complete absence of damp foggy weather, and an unusual dryness which during the rather long winters considerably neutralizes the excessive cold.

In the interior of northern and central Arabia, however, where the average level of the country exceeds 3000 ft., the fiery heat of the summer days is followed by cool nights, and the winter climate is fresh and invigorating; while in the highlands of Asir and Yemen in the south-west, and of Oman in the east, the summer heat is never excessive, and the winters are, comparatively speaking, cold.

This wouldn't be like their annual snowbirds who simply wanted to escape the cold winters up north, though.

On a sufficient rainfall, and - except on the plateau and the mountain highlands - mild winters and genial summers.

When the Deans first arrived in Ouray, they weren't sure how they'd adapt to the long winters but when the first serious snow blanketed the western Colorado Mountains in early December they took up winter sports with the enthusiasm of children.

In the elevated region in the west the winters are decidedly severe, and the springs and summers often late and cold.

The young shoots are also given to oxen in the long winters of those northern latitudes, when other green fodder is hard to obtain.