Sentence Examples with the word winter solstice

The world is becoming a more dangerous place for you, and I'd hoped we could wait until the winter solstice to perform the rite.

According to this, the days at the summer solstice were twenty-four hours in length, and conversely at the winter solstice the nights were of equal duration.

He was early this year, but he.d rather visit now than risk he.d be grounded during winter solstice in a month.

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C. Biot to the date II II B.C. Measured from the winter solstice of that epoch, they corresponded, in conformity with the Chinese method of observation by intervals of what we now call righ t ascension, to equal portions of the celestial equator.

The solar character of this deity appears especially in the annual feast of his awakening shortly after the winter solstice (Joseph.